Say YEA to Engineering with STEPS!

STEPS has lots of resources to help teachers and students as they work through the steps of the engineering projects. 

Most of them are entirely optional (except the Project Book for students) and are there to make the experience more enjoyable for all!

Resources for students

The Project Book

The Project Book is the only resource that you are required to download and complete to enter the competition. It consists of 5 worksheets corresponding to the 5 steps in the STEPS YEA engineering project - mirroring a real engineering project.

To enter the competition each team needs to submit a completed Project Book. Click on the button below to download: 

If you have any trouble downloading resources please contact steps@engineersireland.ie 
Additional Resources (optional)
Before you start the project why not warm your class up to engineering and get their thinking caps on with the Engineering Personality Quiz? (See How-To... Quiz Guide for teachers)

When your class have completed their projects use the 'Congratulations! You're an Engineer' worksheet (After Quiz) to see how the class now feel about engineering. Are they more confident discussing engineering? Do they think that one day they could be an engineer?

Resources for Teachers

There is information for teachers for each step of the STEPS Young Engineers Award - to help you guide your Young Engineers through an engineering project with ease and comfort. This is aimed to support teachers - there is no obligation to use the resources - you are perfectly free to carry out the project as you feel suits. All that you need to submit to enter is a completed Project Book for each team.

How-To Guides

Lesson Plans

Teachers Reference Book

The Teachers Reference Book is a comprehensive guide for teachers. It is not meant to be read back to front - but to dip in and out of as you see fit. There is information on engineering and how to explain engineering to young students, optional additional activities to do with your class, teachers do's and don'ts, as well as more information on school visits.

Completed Project Book Examples
  1. Completed Project Book 1
  2. Completed Project Book 2

Additional Resources - Coming Soon!

  • Marking Scheme


Live Webinars from Engineers Ireland

Three webinars will be broadcast Live from Engineers Ireland between September and November.

One will be for teachers to support them on the competition and give advice on what we are looking for.

The two subsequent webinars will be in November for students. These will be live and interactive, and will feature a STEPS Volunteer Engineer who will discuss engineering and tTop Tips with the young audience. They will answer questions live on air at the end. 

All Live Webinars will be recorded and available for you to watch in your own time if you are not available on the day. Simply register your interest to join and we will email you with the links for the live event and for the recording.

STEPS Volunteer School Visits

If you are offered a STEPS Volunteer School Visit (offers go out the last week in October), the STEPS Volunteer will visit your class during the last week of November. 

An info-sheet outlining the role and expectations of the teacher will be available here shortly, as well as the role and expectations of the STEPS Volunteer. 

A STEPS school visit lasts approximately 1-2hrs. depending on the availability of the Volunteer Engineer. The STEPS Volunteer will deliver a structured visit plan which includes an interactive presentation, listening to the Young Engineers project presentations and they may carry out an engineering activity with the class. See School Visits Page for more details.