What is maths?

Maths is about patterns and identifying these patterns in nature. We can use Maths to model these patterns to understand their behavior and predict it. For example, we use Maths to predict the weather or to create movies like Avatar, which replicate human movement

Maths also deals with logic, decision-making, deductions, assumptions, precision, clarity of thought and the ability to solve problems in a stepwise manner by following a series of steps.

Having good Maths skills will help you to reason and organise complicated situations or problems into clear, simple, and logical steps.

Why is maths important?


Math is important because it is the most widely used subject and language in the world. Every type of career demands a certain level of mathematical ability, whether it is in engineering, accounting, finance, science, medicine, trades, transportation, communication, fashion or event furniture design.

Everyday life

We are surrounded by Maths in our everyday lives, whether on daily tasks and interactions with modern technology. Most people go through life completely oblivious to the amount of Maths they use themselves or others use to complete everyday tasks.

Telling the time

We all use clocks or watches to tell the time, but these only make sense if you know how to interpret them, which of course need Maths. Remember we all learned how to tell the time during Maths in primary school.

Driving a car

We use Maths to work out how long it would take us to get to our destination. For example if you have meeting or a football math in Cork and your living in Dublin you can use the following algebraic expression to calculate how long it would it take to get there.

Time= Distance/Speed


We use Maths to analyse the 100 m race in the Olympic Games and other track and field events. Whenever we hit a sliothar or a football we are using Maths to estimate and calculate distance. Even keeping the score in our favorite sports, we use Maths, such as converting goals into points or tries and conversions in overall scores.


Shopping involves lots of math. How much change would you get if you paid for a €25.99 T-Shirt with two twenty euro notes? How would you calculate VAT, or a 30% discount on a new computer game.

Fashion industry

Fashion designers and tailors use geometry and trigonometry to work out their designs for new dresses and to calculate how much fabric they need.


In our technologically advanced society, just about everything involves Maths of some sort. The computer you use is a machine that does binary arithmetic incredibly fast.

Your House

The house you live in was constructed by architects who had to specify its dimensions, and engineers who had to determine the weight loads generated by the ceiling and roof on the walls so the house won’t collapse.