Project Maths Support

Maths worksheets

Working with industry and the NCE-MSTL, the STEPS team has developed a series of maths worksheets, useful for lesson planning around key mathematical concepts.

These worksheets are downloadable 4-page PDFs that contain examples of real-world maths, along with suggested questions and challenges for use in class. Check out a guide to using these worksheets here. You can download the worksheets below.

The Mathematics of Mobile Networks

The maths behind mobile phone call quality

Ruling the Waves

Using maths to harness energy from waves.

Summing up Wave Energy

Using maths to harness energy from the sea

A New Angle on Bridges

Using maths in the Defence Forces

Playing Havok

Using maths in the games Industry

Maths makes the perfect shower

Maths making the perfect temperture

How maths can draw you a nice bath

Heating and cooling and the maths involved

Maths saves lives every day

Maths ensures quality in the Biomedical Industry

Sun Factor Maths

Maths making sure you keep cool in the shade

Maths Strikes Oil

How maths helps find black gold

Maths on Track

How maths stops a train from derailing.

Turbines: A Wind-Wind Situation

Plotting graphs and interpretation of graphs with ESBI