Teachers' guide to using our real-world maths worksheets

Why not try out our series of downloadable maths worksheets, developed especially for post-primary teachers who want to showcase real-world examples of maths in the classroom.

The STEPS team has been working in partnership with industry and the NCE-MSTL to develop a series of worksheets outlining lesson plan ideas for teaching Junior Cert and Leaving Cert maths.

The worksheets contain examples of how maths is used in real life, as well as suggested questions and challenges for students. Each worksheet focuses on a particular area of the curriculum and shows how maths is used within a particular company or organisation. For example, a worksheet developed with the Defence Forces illustrates how knowledge of geometry and trigonometry is essential when constructing bridges.

We've also developed a series of career videos that tie in with many of the worksheets. These videos feature interviews with young engineers, who talk about their daily work, their college days, and how they use maths on the job.

The table below offers a guide to the worksheets and videos.

You can download all worksheets here, and watch the career videos here.

Plus, check out this video with tips on using the worksheets in the classroom.

Title of STEPS maths worksheet

Download worksheets here

What area of the maths curriculum is in focus? Ability level / subject Showcases the real-world use of maths in this company or organisation

Associated career video

Watch videos here

Linked to a particular engineering discipline?
A new angle on bridges Geometry & trigonometry: similar triangles

Number: Ratio & proportion
Junior Cert maths  Defence Forces Defence Forces Multi-disciplinary
Playing Havok Application of Pythagoras' Theorem

Inverse square law
Junior Cert maths, Leaving Cert physics  Havok  Havok All engineering disciplines
Turbines: A Wind-Wind Situation

Functions: Plotting Graphs

Functions: Interpretation of graphs

Leaving Cert maths (Ordinary level), Junior Cert science  ESBI     ESBI    Electrical engineering, building services
Ruling the waves

Geometry & trigonometry: Area and volume

Number: Arithmetic

Science: Archimedes principle, law of flotation, mass, density, volume, gravity, weight

Junior Cert maths, Junior Cert science  Wavebob     Wavebob    Environmental engineering
Maths saves lives every day - ensuring quality in the biomedical industry Hypothesis testing Leaving Cert maths, Junior Cert science  Boston Scientific  Boston Scientific Biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering 
Maths makes the perfect shower Solving systems of equations

Conservation of energy
Junior Cert maths, Junior Cert science  Arup  Coming soon Structural engineering
How maths can draw you a nice bath Solving systems of equations

Heat transfer, quantity of heat, concept of temperature
Junior Cert maths, Leaving Cert physics  Arup     Coming soon Structural engineering
Sun factor maths Trigonometry

Concept of heat, heat transfer, concept of temperature
Leaving Cert maths, general knowledge  Arup     Coming soon Structural engineering
Maths strikes oil Calculation of percentages

Index manipulation

Oil reservoirs
Junior Cert maths, Junior Cert science  Shell     Shell    Civil engineering, environmental engineering
Maths on track Geometry


Equations of circular motion

Resolution of vectors

Newton's laws and Newton's equations of linear motion

Relation between mass & weight
Leaving Cert maths, Leaving Cert applied maths, Leaving Cert physics  Iarnrod Eireann  Iarnrod Eireann Civil engineering


"The Department of Education and Skills acknowledges that the Engineers Ireland STEPS programme is adding value to the education system by aligning and supporting the real-life application of mathematics into the curriculum"

-- Seamus Knox, Maths Inspector with the Department of Education and Skills