Parents/Guidance Counsellors

Who makes a good engineer?

Someone considering engineering should ask themselves the following:
  • Am I naturally curious about how things work?
  • Do I love solving problems? 
  • Do I enjoy making, breaking or designing things?
  • Do I like the idea of working as part of a team?
  • Am I competent* in mathematics? 
If they answer yes to most of these questions, engineering might be right for them. While everyone is different, most engineers tend to exhibit these personality traits.

Many engineers say that as children, they loved taking toys and games apart to see how they worked. Others have a strong design focus. Many find themselves drawn to science subjects at school. 

* While not necessarily excelling at mathematics, most engineers are comfortable with the subject. Many engineering courses offer extra maths support to students in First Year. Higher Level maths is not a requirement for every engineering course.