Activities for Primary schools

Investigating engineering in your classroom or local area counts toward the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science & Maths Award. See http://primaryscience.ie for full details. Here are some sample activities:
  • Check out the Engineers Week section on the DPSM website (http://www.primaryscience.ie/engineers_week.pho)
  • Search for any design & make activity e.g. making models (exploring, planning, designing, making, evaluating). For sample activities like design a bridge, a boat, a rocket, a water pump, a catapult see http://www.primaryscience.ie/activities_advance_search.php
  • Download and complete the Engineers Week 2018 classroom pack (www.engineersweek.ie)
  • Investigate engineering in your local area e.g. a bridge, a factory, a wind farm.
  • Organise an event during Engineers Week 2018. Download the event planning guide on engineersweek.ie
  • Invite an engineer to the school to speak to the children about their work.

Engineers Week

STEPS co-ordinates Engineers Week each year and during that week, many activities suitable for a primary school audience will be held at venues nationwide. You can also run classroom-based activities yourself. Check www.engineersweek.ie to find out more.

The next Engineers Week will run from 24th February to 2nd March 2018.


Activity suggestions

A selection of activities which can be done by a visiting volunteer or teacher in a classroom can be found here.


Teacher presentation

This short PowerPoint presentation is provided for teachers who want to explain what engineering is to students, or to further their own understanding of engineering. Choose a selection of slides to show in the classroom for discussion. Each slide contains notes and some suggestions for group work.

Engineer school visits

A number of free school visits by volunteer engineers take place each year to highlight the wonders of engineering to primary school children.

The STEPS programme links up volunteer engineers with their local schools and equips them with a fun, interactive presentation suitable for 3rd through 6th class.

Visits are dependent on the availability of a volunteer in your area. More information will be available soon on school visits.