SmartSTEPS Login

What is SmartSTEPS?

SmartSTEPS is a new cloud based volunteer system which STEPS has launched, in partnership with Science Foundation Ireland. As volunteers, you can log in online to view all STEPS volunteering opportunities and select school visits from a map.

Registered volunteers Login

If you are already registered as a STEPS volunteer and have received a login username and password, please login to the system at the following link:


Please complete a registration form if you have not yet registered as a volunteer. 

What to do if a school contacts you directly?

We are happy for volunteers to make arrangements directly with a teacher they know but ask that you always do so through the SmartSTEPS system. By always ensuring to record a school visit with us, you are:

  • Abiding by our volunteer terms and conditions, in line with best practice in Child Protection

  • Covered by our volunteer insurance

  • Making sure we are aware of all your volunteer efforts

  • Officially updating your own CPD (Continuous Professional Development) record

  • Ensuring the reach and impact of the school visits programme is accurately recorded and measured

  • Helping us to assess where there are gaps in engagement nationwide